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iTrain enables continuous brain gain through in-demand skills trainings that help you stay ahead in the digital economy.

Today, more than ever before, we believe that knowing ‘what’s next’ and improving human capital skills to capitalize on that knowledge is key to driving transformation. Whether you’re an individual freelancer, a business leader, a startup founder, an employee, or an organizational catalyst, you’re first and foremost a ‘student of change’—and no where is change more apparent than in the field of technology, which impacts every sphere of our lives!

Adaptive to Market Demands

From mobile development training (iPhone and Android) —which we were the first in Malaysia to launch—to project management, data science, IoT, AI and digital marketing courses, iTrain (M) Sdn Bhd is the country’s pioneer implementer of sought-after professional education that meets industry demands. As technologies, tools and trends evolve, we continuously update our training content to adapt to ever-changing needs and standards. Our world-class trainers are highly qualified industry professionals and domain experts in their respective fields.

Strong Partnership & Training Ecosystem

Our vision is to bridge industrial leaders and drivers of new technologies with educational pathways to share their unique expertise with the world. iTrain was the first training provider to introduce Google authorised trainings in Southeast Asia (SEA). We have partnered with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute USA to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) know-how and advancement to the Southeast Asian region. We have also joined forces with MIMOS to launch IoT trainings in SEA.

Our effective transformative training methodology has made us the Official Training Partner of many MNCs and government agencies, including billion dollar corporations like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Prudential, Petronas, Shell, the Star, and more. As for training recipients, we have a healthy growing global professional community of over 30,000 iTrain-ed alumni—who are now impacting diverse workplaces, wherever they are.

Local Defender of Global Prospects

Recognised by the Government of Malaysia, our certifications are HRDF claimable and therefore highly accessible and affordable for employers from private, government and education sectors who wish to keep their workforce trained and updated in the latest digital tech in AI, Data Science, IoT, digital marketing, Mobile App Development, project management, and business proficiencies.

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Approved Centre

iTrain (M) Sdn Bhd is an HRDF approved centre for SBL scheme trainings (MyCoID 694591P), and therefore all our certification trainings and workshops are HRDF claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL Scheme and SBL-Khas), subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers and PSMB’s approval. For trainings under the SBL-Khas Program, fees will be paid by PSMB to our training centre on behalf of employers based on claims we submit upon completion of training. No upfront payment is required. For more information, visit www.hrdf.com.my


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What We Believe In

Our vision is to revolutionize the training industry in the Asia Pacific region by making training more affordable, enjoyable and practical in terms of real world usage and localized content.

We believe that contextualized training is the single fastest way knowledge can impact individuals and create positive change. Textbook learning isn’t enough. Classroom training in a vibrant collaborative space helps one translate knowledge into application quicker, with better results. We also believe the trainer plays a major role in the training process. As such, we ensure our trainers are equipped with the necessary real world skills. Our trainers all possess actual hands-on experience in their areas of specialty, sharing on-the-job experiences with students to reinforce their learning.

To deliver training based on our 5 Core Values. They are listed below (scroll down to check them out)!

What Sets Us Apart

Real World Trainers

We have invested millions in training to equip highly-qualified trainers. Our trainers possess actual industry experience. They also undergo a strict evaluation criteria and mentoring program under our senior trainers to ensure that they are equipped for any situation or topic.

Optimal Environment

Learning is most effective when people learn with peers and occurs best in a challenging and supportive environment. We strive to provide an ideal learning environment either on-site or in-house depending on your preference.

Customer Delight

Our friendly team will ensure that the entire experience from enrolment to completion of the training is satisfactory. We provide guidance on selecting the appropriate courses and planning certification roadmaps based on your organization’s need. Frequent attendees are recognized with preferential rates.

Contextualized Content

Learning is most effective when it addresses issues relevant to the learner; we meticulously strive to ensure our content is customized and localised to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Measurable Outcomes

Learning is a transformation that takes place over time. Hence there should be a way to measure its outcome. We have developed our own training management system that can help organizations track the progress of their attendees from day one of training.