Be a Certified Blockchain Associate Developer: Course by iTrain Malaysia
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5-Day Instructor-Led Course | HRDF SBL-KHAS Claimable!

Blockchain Course Overview

Popularized by Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology as a solution is rapidly gaining awareness among key industries. With it comes a rapidly growing market for blockchain developers capable of ideating solutions and developing/implementing the tech itself.

Blockchain Certified Associate Developer (BCAD) guides trainees from the apprehension of Ethereum Fundamentals all the way to Ethereum Development Ecosystem. With hands-on practice and detailed instructor guidelines, trainees will be able to walk away with clear aspects of efficiency and accuracy to be applied to operations, both business and government. Venture into the high-potential blockchain technology and gain dynamic expertise in being a security asset for any industry.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand Blockchain and Ethereum Technology and its underlying fundamentals
  • Build an interface to interact with a smart contract
  • Learn how to set up event-driven interfaces
  • Understand the Ethereum Development ecosystem

Who Should Attend

  • Computer Science or Engineering Students
  • IT Developers and programmers
  • Security Professionals, Administrators
  • Software Architects and Engineers
  • Application Architects
  • Anyone who wishes to learn Blockchain Development


  • Basic knowledge of Computer Science & IT
  • Highly motivated on Blockchain Development
  • A curious mind

Course Outline


Day 1: Theory

Day 2: Hands on Development

Day 3: Hands on Development

Day 4: Hands on Development

Day 5: Theory



Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive Certification for this course.

Our Certification Body for this course is iTrain Asia Pte Ltd, the region’s top Certifications Tech Provider headquartered in Singapore.

Participants will be equipped with the fundamentals of Blockchain and be able to perform relevant Blockchain development with the right tools and applications.

This is a 5-day course at an instructor-led training centre.

Participants are advised to use their own computers installed with the necessary applications. However, computers will be provided upon request.