Microsoft Office Training: Master your office & productivity skills
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Course Overview

There’s a lot more to Microsoft Office than you think! Understanding what’s possible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Excel VBA, can help you work more efficiently and increase productivity levels. Learn how to create compelling presentations; format spreadsheets, tables, charts, and diagrams; work with images and animations (special effects); create documents, share work files and collaborate on projects; and much more. Discover new tips, tricks and shortcuts to improve your office and life skills. Microsoft Office is a must-have weapon of mass utilization for every organization, and those who know how to wield it effectively, save loads of time, effort, and money in the process!

Select from these Microsoft Office Training Topics:

  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Excel VBA for Absolute Beginner

Course Outline


Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Office Excel 2013 is a powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet program. This level is intended to help all novice computers get up to speed quickly. This level is also intended to help more experienced users who have little to no experience with Excel 2013 and the ribbon interface.

Excel is a popular tool for creating spreadsheets, analyzing data, and charting information. This new version of Excel incorporates robust error checking, numerous file validation/verification tools, image editing, and Spark lines (charts within individual cells). In this level, everyday users of Excel will become more proficient wit the tool by expanding their knowledge of functions, formulas, and new Excel features.

Level 2 is intended to help regular users of Excel become even more proficient by expanding their knowledge of Excel's data analysis tools, consolidation tools, advanced functions, and PivotTables. This course will cover a variety of organizing tools and What-If analysis tools that will help Excel users get the most out of their data. In addition, two key advanced spreadsheet tools (PivotTables and Pivot Charts) will be discussed at length. Following that, advanced concepts dealing with Excel functions, AutoFill lists, and consolidating and combining data will also be covered. The new Slicer features and Power Pivot add-on, two important tools for working with PivotTables and Pivot Charts, are covered as well.

Microsoft Word 2013

This new version of Word incorporates many new features and connectivity options in efforts to make collaboration and production as easy as possible. The Level 1 covers all the basics of Microsoft Word 2013. Participants will learn how to type and edit information in a document; manage and navigate documents; perform basic font and paragraph formatting to the document contents; and prepare, set up, and print information.

In this level, everyday computer users will become more proficient with using Word features. Highlights of the course include working with templates, headers, and footers; using the new Navigation Pane; and using the Mail Merge Wizard. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with making more complex documents.

Level 2 course will teach participants how to insert and customize all sorts of exciting Word objects, including pictures, Clip Art, screenshots, shapes, text boxes, watermarks, Building Blocks, Quick Parts, SmartArt, tables, charts, and equations. Highlights of the course include a discussion of the new Background Removal tool, an overview of new artistic effects for pictures, information on the new cropping tools, steps to create a custom watermark, and complete coverage of the contextual tabs for each object.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

This course will cover different features of the interface, give a brief overview of all the tabs in the ribbon, and show users how to print, cover some simple presentations, and cover the basics of formatting. During of this manual, users should be comfortable with creating a new presentation, customizing the PowerPoint Interface, making their presentation look professional and presentable, and saving and presenting their slide show.

This course also explores time saving features that many everyday PowerPoint users don't take advantage of, including file management tools and options that will help you create an engaging, professional presentation. Highlights of the course include information on research features; themes and backgrounds; transitions; animations; all types of graphics.

This in-depth one-day course introduces Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 users to the advanced features of the software application. This course will also help participants create customized templates, handouts, and notes. This course will cover adding audio and video to a presentation; creating different types of masters and templates; reviewing a presentation; and creating advanced, custom, and shared shows. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with all of PowerPoint's advanced features.

Excel VBA

This course provides an introduction to programming for students with little or no prior programming experience. Through this course, students will gain a strong, accessible, hands-on foundation in the language skills needed for learning Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) under the MS-Excel environment. The knowledge and skills gained from this course can be applied to MS-Excel 2003, MS-Excel 2007, MD-Excel 2020 and MS-Excel 2013. This is the entry level course for more advanced Excel VBA programming.



Yes. Our Certification Body for this Course is iTrain Asia PTE LTD, the region's top Certifications Tech Provider headquartered in Singapore with branch offices in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Participants can select from these Microsoft Office Training Topics:

● Microsoft Excel 2013
● Microsoft Word 2013
● Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
● Excel VBA for Absolute Beginner

The duration is 2 Days (Level 1) + 1 Day (Level 2) for the Excel, Word and PowerPoint trainings. For VBA, it's 3 Days.

A basic understanding of how to use a Windows-based computer. Students should also be comfortable using the keyboard, mouse and Start Menu.

Anyone who works with Microsoft Office tools on a daily working basis or wants to learn more! From administration staff to finance personnel, accounts executives and business owners, Microsoft Office Training is a great skill to increase work efficiency and productivity. Whether you're totally new to Microsoft Office or just looking to refresh your skills, this course is suitable for you!

Computers are provided for iTrain students. However participants can also use their own computers as long as it’s installed with the necessary applications.