Be a Google Certified Educator: Certification by iTrain Malaysia
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Google Certified Educator Certification Course Overview

Are you well-equipped for the innovation era, where technology meets education to advance in the digital age? Successful implementation of technology in teaching and learning practices can greatly inspire the future generation to fulfil their aspirations.

Google Certified Educator Certification shapes trainees into resourceful educators with the ability to establish an efficient learning experience with tools from G Suite and Google Classroom. Trainees completing this 3-day instructor led course will spend less time planning for a class, but more on executing rewarding projects with students.

Level 1 exposes trainees to the fundamentals of integrating Google into classrooms. Trainees will be able to bring school work online and collaborate with students for better productivity and feedback.

By completing Level 2, trainees will advance in teaching practices with the skillset to create customized learning experiences, engage with parents, and combine Google functions for lessons that brings the best out of the students.

Course Objectives

Google for Education is a complete solution that gives teachers the freedom to spend more time personalizing the learning experience, and less time managing it. Students can learn 21st-century problem-solving and the skills they’ll use in their future careers, with accessibility features that help every student do their best work.

Who Should Attend

Educators, School Principals, Tutors, Lecturers, Education Managers, Learning Centre Managers, Instructional Coordinators, Professors, Teachers and anyone interested to work in the field of education or be updated with the current education trends.


Have verified not-for-profit status. Be a government-recognized, formally-accredited educational institution delivering nationally or internationally-approved certifications at primary, secondary, or third level.

Course Outline


Level 1 (2 Days)

Day 1

  • Get Ready to Use Technology in the Classroom
  • Expand Your Access to Help and Learning

  • Have a (Mostly) Paperless Classroom
  • Save Time Communicating
  • Organize Activities for Yourself and Others
  • Bring Meetings Online

Day 2

  • Bring Students Work Online
  • Measure, Understand and Share Student Growth

  • Teach Student Online Skills
  • Build Interactive Lessons
  • Captivate Your Class with Video
  • Facilitate Group Work
  • Promote Digital Citizenship and Positive Online Behavior

Level 2 (2 Days)

Day 1

  • Promote and Model the Effective Use of Digital Tools
  • Leverage Learning Models to Personalize Learning

  • Use Advanced Features to Optimize Workflow
  • Connect with Guardians
  • Analyze and Interpret Student Data

Day 2

  • Organize Your Class and School Materials More Effectively

  • Design Interactive Curricula
  • Teach Beyond the Four Walls of Your Classroom
  • Harness the Power of Google for Research
  • Give Students a Voice



Upon passing the exam, students will receive a Google Certified Educator Certification.

The Google For Educators Certification is recognised worldwide by ISTE Seal of Alignment Program.

Google Certified Educator certifications will be valid for 36 months from the date of issue.

This is a 2-day course for Level 1 and a 2-day course for Level 2 at an instructor-led training centre.

Computers are provided for iTrain trainees. However participants can also use their own computers as long as it’s installed with the latest Google Chrome.