Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing: 2-day Intensive Course
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Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing

HRDF Claimable! | Duration: 2-Day Intensive Course

Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing Course Overview

Your brand represents the sum total of customers’ perception towards your company; your service, reputation, customer experience (CX), and advertising. All of these parts work together to establish a healthy brand that: a) increases the value of your company, b) makes acquiring new customers easier, and c) motivates employees and gives them a direction. In an age where social media and virality are defining brand perception by the masses at lightning speed (or even changing sentiments overnight!), brand strategy is an imperative investment for every marketing department, business owner, L&D team, sales leader, and media planner.

In our 2-day Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing Course, we cover how to design and create powerful brands; through in-depth understanding of people and marcomms strategy. Plenty of case studies and practical exercises will be provided to reinforce your knowledge on Day One. This gives attendees the strategic insights and understanding required to then better grasp the second vital part of the course on Day Two: Digital Marketing, where we will cover an overview of SEO and PPC campaigns, social media and email marketing, and web analytics.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who desires an understanding of the fundamentals of brand strategy and marketing for the digital age; including L&D and HR Departments, Marketing Practitioners and Students, Marketing Communications (Marcomms) Professionals, Small Medium Business (SME) Owners and Start-ups, Sales and Retail Teams, eCommerce Practitioners, and Media Planners.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to create and manage a powerful brand.
  • Use branding to add significant value to your business, and enable higher profit margins and sales volume.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience/customers, and how to increase retention and loyalty.
  • Develop a clear understanding of your company’s marcomms strategy, using it to develop and push your business goals.
  • Gain a practical understanding of the core essentials of digital marketing and key channels of delivery, including SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing, plus web analytics.

Course Outline


Day 1: Brand Strategy Management

  • Introduction
    • Why Branding is so Vital: Perception of Value and Profit Margin.
    • How the Brand Creates Value - Core Mechanics.
  • Understanding the Strategic Implications of Branding
    • How Great Companies Maintain Their Edge.
    • Understanding Customer-Centric Evolution.
    • Importance of the Brand in a New Context: Shaping Customer’s Experience.
  • Anatomy of a Powerful Brand
    • Understanding the Synergy Between Brand and ‘Experience’.
    • Different Types of Experience, and the Brand Impact.
    • Updated High-Level Model for Brand Building.
    • Understanding Ads as a Brand Delivery Mechanism.

  • Data Analysis Advantage
    • Understanding Data: Correlation, Causation, Clusters.
    • Data-Driven: Targeting Niche Audience Segments.
    • Data-Driven: Creative by Niches.
  • Understanding an Audience, to Predict and Change Behaviour
    • Predicting Behaviour: Demographics vs Psychographics.
    • Principles of Sociology: Understanding Morals Within Audience Clusters.
    • Principles of Psychology: How People Think About Themselves.
    • Principles of Psychology: Types and Effects of Personality.
    • Principles of Psychology: Hierarchy and Impact of Needs.
    • Understanding Behaviour Drivers.

  • Designing Your Brand Strategy
    • Persona Creation: Developing Meaningful Audience Insights.
    • Defining the Right Brand Experience, and Designing Your Customer Journey.
    • Perception Mapping: Understanding Where and How to Position Your Brand Relative to Competitors.
    • Using the Brand Equity Model to Design Your Brand.
  • Executing Your Brand Strategy
    • Storytelling 101: Creating Powerful Narratives for Brands and Ads.
    • The ‘Big Idea’ Framework for Developing Unique and Compelling Creative Concepts.
    • Marcomms Hierarchy: Understanding the Structure and Flow of Your Communication.
    • Media Planning Basics, Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Platforms with Regards to Branding.
    • Spotlight on Influencers, Understanding Their Growing Importance to Branding.
  • Methodology
    • Practical Exercises, Interactive Presentation, Small Group Discussions and Case Studies.

Day 2: Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital vs Traditional Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Channel Overview.

  • Introduction to SEO.
  • Keyword Research Analysis and Tools.
  • On Page Optimisation Overview.
  • Off Page Optimisation Overview.
  • Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Advertising.
  • Setting Up Google Ads Account.
  • Creating a PPC Strategy Plan.
  • Match Types and Negative Keywords.
  • Understanding Quality Score.

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing.
  • Brief Overview of the Current Social Media Platforms.
  • Setting Goals and Strategy.
  • Advertising Opportunities on Facebook and Instagram.
  • A Deeper Look at Facebook and Instagram Ad Formats, Targeting Methods and Bidding Options.
  • The Impact of Mobile Messaging Apps: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

  • An Overview of the Email Marketing Landscape Today: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Setting Objectives and Strategies to Achieve the Right Results.
  • Best Practices to Build and Grow an Effective Email List.
  • The Role of Email Service Providers (ESPs) in Your Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Key Metrics to Track in Your Email Marketing.
  • Email Design and Development Do's and Don'ts.

  • Introduction to Google Analytics.
  • Setting Up Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics Metrics.
  • Google Analytics Essential Reports.
  • Goals and Conversions.

“iTrain offers knowledge the industry needs.”

Yap Han Lin, Marketeer, Ozura Firstlogix Sdn Bhd

“Very in-depth and practical. Worth every bit of it. Brilliant and thoughtful trainer.”

Gary Chee, Co-Founder, Happyness Pursuit

“Good for learning everything about Digital Marketing, from implementation, optimization and understanding how the whole thing fits together.”

Raqeema Md Yuzer, Digital Marketing Specialist, TIME Internet

“The training and trainer are very insightful, good knowledge and good environment.”

Melina Jaini, Assistant Manager, DST

“Starting now, I’m taking Digital Marketing to a whole new level!”

Syuhada Farhana, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager, PICORP Berhad



Students will be given a Certificate of Attendance after successfully completing the course.

You bet it is! Our Certification Body for this course is iTrain Asia Pte Ltd, the region’s top Certifications Tech Provider headquartered in Singapore, with branch offices in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

● Understand how to create and manage a powerful brand
● Use branding to add significant value to your business, and enable higher profit margins and sales volume

This is a 2-day intensive course at an instructor-led training centre.

Computers are provided for iTrain students. However participants can also use their own computers as long as it’s installed with the necessary applications.

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